Shoe Repair Testimonials

Industrial Grade Sewing Machine

“I’m a vintage clothes retailer and in the many years in business I’ve never come across such an excellent Shoe repair man. Joe will take on projects that most other places won’t and he always delivers. All of the shoes and leather jackets I’ve had him work on have been repaired perfectly and have lasted many years since (which is especially rare since they are already old items with much wear and tear). His fee is the most reasonable too so I sincerely can’t find a reason to go elsewhere. He has even repaired wood lamps for me! If you need your shoes repaired do yourself a favor and take them to Joe’s!”

–Ben A.

“This guy is an artisan.  As you take a step into his shop you are taken back to a simpler time.  I’ve never had my shoes repaired before in my life.  I just always bought new ones.  So I had these shoes that were going out on me, and I have a pretty unique problem that I got from my parents and that is that my heel has a bone that sticks out the back and it makes me go through the backs of  my shoes.  Well Joe went in and reinforced my shoe with leather and sewed them right up.  I bet they’ll last another two years now.  Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.  It felt nice to save the money I would have spent on a new pair of shoes.  Finally, I had a piece of furniture, it was a bed desk, I had broken it pretty bad and again I would have been out $20-25 to replace it, but instead I took it to Joe’s and he went in there and worked his magic and I got my bed desk back, better than ever.  I can’t wait to see what else I can bring him to fix.  It’s Joe’s Shoe Repair and a whole lot more.  Thanks!”